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About the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests

How the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests Benefit You

The TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests are valid assessments of English-language speaking and writing skills for the workplace. The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests can also be taken separately. When taken together with the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test, they complement each other and provide a reliable measurement of all four English-language communication skills.

Through a secure testing and scoring process, ETS ensures that:

  • test takers have the same testing experience no matter the place and time
  • no test taker is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged
  • test scores remain fair and comparable across administrations
  • test questions based on real-life work situations provide an accurate evaluation of your ability to communicate in English

Prove Your English-language Proficiency in the Competitive Global Job Market

  • Speaking skills are important for effective presentations, face-to-face communication, meetings, videoconferencing, teleconferencing and telephone.
  • Writing skills are necessary for clear, persuasive emails and other forms of business correspondence.

Advance Your Career

English is the language of global opportunity. The TOEIC® tests have helped many people throughout the world advance their careers and take advantage of employment opportunities around the world. Your TOEIC scores can:

  • make you a stronger candidate for job opportunities with leading global organizations that want employees who can speak and write in English
  • demonstrate your ability to communicate across borders and cultures with co-workers and clients
  • positively affect hiring decisions and other employment opportunities
  • help you to obtain new opportunities within a company