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TOEIC® Listening and Reading Score Use

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test is used by a variety of organizations to measure how well you might do in workplace and real-life situations where you are required to listen and read in English.

How Organizations Use the TOEIC® Test Scores

Small businesses, multinational corporations and government agencies use TOEIC® test scores as a management tool to make personnel decisions that include:

  • hiring, promoting and positioning employees
  • job or language training
  • overseas assignments

Test scores show whether employees have the necessary English-language skills to:

  • carry out specific job responsibilities
  • participate in and benefit from training that's conducted in English
  • work and interact successfully if posted to an English-speaking country
  • advance within the organization — or need further English-language training

How Educational Institutions Use the TOEIC Test Scores

Many universities and institutions of higher education — particularly engineering and business schools — require students to take the TOEIC test prior to graduation. Test scores demonstrate whether:

  • specific levels of English proficiency are met as part of students' overall education
  • students have sufficient English-language skills to participate effectively in the workforce once they graduate

They also give students a credential of their English proficiency that can be used to demonstrate their English-language proficiency to potential employers around the world.

How English Training Programs Use the TOEIC Test Scores

Training programs such as language schools may offer the TOEIC test as an external and objective means to test language skills of individuals as they prepare to enter the workforce. Test scores are used to:

  • place incoming and continuing students into appropriate class levels
  • demonstrate student progress — when the test is taken multiple times, improvement can be measured in test scores
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the school's program and the impact of student workforce readiness — if the test is given at the beginning and end of the training course, the increase in test scores can show how much the program improved students' language skills