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About TOEIC® Research and Why It Matters

ETS and the developers of the TOEIC® program are committed to advancing English-language teaching and learning and providing opportunities for individual learners worldwide. We are able to do this through the efforts of our proficient research group that includes research scientists, psychometricians and assessment experts. Together, they work to:

  • create and provide fair, accurate and meaningful English-language assessment for the workplace
  • drive innovation that advances English assessment, learning and teaching
  • assure that the TOEIC program meets global standards
  • provide content, methods and processes for evolving the TOEIC assessment
  • advance the field of English measurement

To learn more, read about the core TOEIC Research Topics.

Research Compendiums

With the focus to make certain that the TOEIC test scores remain reliable, fair, and meaningful over time, the ETS Research and Development Group conducts studies and publishes a compilation of their work through a Research Compendium.

  • The fourth volume of the Research compendium published in 2022 is a collection of studies entirely focused on the redesigned TOEIC Bridge® tests.

    Read the compendium

  • This third volume of the Research compendium published in 2018 is a collection of studies completed since the second compendium was published in 2013.

    Read the compendium