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Scoring and Reporting for the TOEFL Primary® Reading and Listening Test — Step 2


The TOEFL Primary® Reading and Listening Test — Step 2 is scored locally by ETS Preferred Network offices and features fast turnaround times.

Reading and Listening Test — Step 2 scores are determined by the number of questions a student has answered correctly. There is no penalty for wrong answers. The number of correct responses in each section is converted to a level of 1–5 Badges and a scale score of 104–115. Step 2 does not assess content in the scale range of 101–103. Some students may receive 1 Badge and a scale score of 100. It is recommended that these students take the Step 1 test for better information about their proficiencies in English reading and listening.

Proficiency descriptors and recommended next steps for learning are provided for each level. The descriptors and next steps are appropriate for typical students at that level but may not apply to all students. Student ability for each level includes the skills from lower levels.

For more information, download Understanding TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening Score Reports. This document includes tables outlining proficiency descriptors, Badge score levels, scale scores, Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels and corresponding MetaMetrics® Lexile® measures.

Score Reports

Each Step 2 score report provides:

  • Information about the student's current level of English proficiency
  • Recommendations about next steps that the student should take to improve English-language abilities
  • CEFR level — each student's language proficiency in relation to a widely accepted international standard
  • Lexile® reading measures to help students, teachers and parents select the material appropriate for a particular student's English-reading ability.

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