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TOEFL Primary® Scoring and Reporting

Score Reports

Score reports and certificates of achievement are positive and motivational for students. Detailed and comprehensive, score reports highlight what students have accomplished as English language learners and where they are ready to improve. Fast score turnaround time helps you in planning instruction.

Score reports include a variety of information:

  • levels that indicate proficiency
  • proficiency descriptors with meaningful information for each section, including recommendations on next steps that students can take to improve their English-language abilities
  • scale scores that show progress within levels

Find out more about scoring and reporting for each of the three TOEFL Primary® tests:

Recommended Score Validity — 1 Year

Due to rapid development of English proficiency by younger learners, ETS recommends that scores not be used beyond 1 year. Scores can be considered valid beyond 1 year if the student has provided evidence of having maintained the same level of English language learning.

A Global Picture of Potential

Your students are going to make an impact on the world someday. Now you can give them the best start by using a global standard to support teaching and learning.

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is a standard used by educators worldwide to measure students' language proficiencies. TOEFL Primary scores are mapped to CEFR levels, so you will know about your students' abilities in relation to a widely accepted international standard.

To help students develop a relationship with reading English early on, TOEFL Primary reading scores are linked to MetaMetrics® Lexile® reading measures — making it easier to find the books and articles that best match their English reading abilities.

Learn more about how TOEFL Primary scores are linked to CEFR levels and Lexile measures.

Score Data Summary

The TOEFL Primary® and TOEFL Junior® Tests Score Data Summary contains findings on the performance of examinees who took the tests for 2016–2018.