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Confidentiality of Scores

The TOEFL® program recognizes test takers' right to privacy. Under the ETS privacy and information security policy, it is the program's responsibility to protect information that is stored in data or research files held by ETS from unauthorized disclosure. Under certain specific conditions, this data may be shared:

  • ETS or its authorized associate(s) may share test takers' score data with institutions or agencies for verification purposes.
  • TOEFL test score data or writing and speaking responses that are not individually identified may be used at any time for informational, research, statistical or training purposes. Information retained in TOEFL records is the same as the information in the score posting and on the official score reports.
  • Official score reports will be sent only to those institutions or agencies chosen by the test taker when he or she registered to test, on a Score Report Request Form submitted at a later date, or otherwise authorized by the test taker.
  • Test takers who provide their TOEFL registration numbers to an entity (for example, government immigration offices) are deemed to have authorized release of their TOEFL score data to that entity. Do not provide your appointment number to anyone unless you want them to have access to your score data.
  • Entities must contract with ETS for access, but once they do that, they can use the information you provided to access your scores. Review specific Terms and Conditions of the TOEFL Online Score Verification Service.
  • ETS's goal is to report valid scores that reflect the test taker's own unaided abilities. To that end, ETS reserves the right to share any and all information in its possession about a test taker and the terms and conditions of test taking with appropriate parties, including:
    • Any entity contracted with ETS and recognized as an authorized user of TOEFL test scores. This includes, without limitation, any entity to which ETS reports scores at the test taker's request.
    • Any government agency responsible for administration or enforcement of U.S. criminal and/or immigration laws.
  • Information subject to release to appropriate parties includes — but is not limited to — test taker identifying information, information concerning the conduct and findings of any test security investigation, and information regarding the test center where the test was taken.

Scores are not to be released by score recipients without the permission of the test taker (subject to the arrangements and laws applicable to the test taker and the recipient).

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