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The TOEFL® Family of Assessments

Trusted information for confident decisions. There's a TOEFL® test for every stage of English-language proficiency to guide learning, inform teaching and help students achieve their academic goals.

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Students can achieve their dreams of university study, immigration and more with the TOEFL iBT® and TOEFL® Essentials tests. Each test is uniquely designed so they can choose the TOEFL test that's best for them.

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Which TOEFL® Test is Right for You?

  TOEFL Essentials Test TOEFL iBT Test
What kind of student am I? I seek to be a good student, and I have a balanced approach to my education. I seek to be the best, and I aspire to meet my educational goals.
What style of test do I prefer? A faster-paced test with shorter tasks and an engaging experience A traditionally paced test with longer tasks and a more immersive experience typical of an academic environment
What does it measure? Foundational elements of English-language proficiency Directly measures your ability to communicate in English in a university environment
What type of English does it measure? About 50% academic English and 50% general English 100% academic English
How does it help me to stand out? It includes the Personal Video Statement to share your insights and showcase your unique personality. Its unique academic focus allows you to demonstrate your academic English proficiency.
How does the content align with my abilities? It adapts to your proficiency level to help you show your English-language strengths. It uses carefully pre-selected content for the best possible assessment of your academic English abilities.
What happens in the Speaking section? It includes a simulated virtual interview with a pre-recorded interviewer for a more interactive experience. It is a traditional computer-based Speaking section where your responses to on-screen prompts are recorded.
How long is the test? About 1 ½ hours, with no break About 3 hours, with a 10-minute break
Where can I test? At home At a test center, or at home with the TOEFL iBT Home Edition
When can I test? Appointments available 24 hours a day, 1 day a week (more days will be added later) Appointments available about 60 dates per year at a test center, or 24 hours a day, 4 days a week for the Home Edition
When will I get my scores? 6 days after your test 6 days after your test (6–10 days for Home Edition)

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The premier test of academic English communication, offered at test centers worldwide and via the Home Edition and Paper Edition.


A convenient and affordable English test, with a friendly, engaging format.

Building Confidence and Success

Measure students' English-language skills to place them in the right courses, monitor their progress and adjust instruction.

Learning English starts here for learners ages 8+.
Building confidence for learners ages 11+.
Expanding the possibilities for learners ages 16+.


Pioneering new ways to assess English-language proficiency for over 55 years. Explore the research behind our advancements in English language learning and assessment.

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