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Bridging the Gap

The advent of automation and artificial intelligence has caused an evolution in the way we work, impacting the skills employees need to thrive in this changing economy. As a result, the preparedness of jobseekers is impacted by a widening skills gap. Bridging the gap between the jobseekers of today and the next-generation skills they'll need to master for the jobs of tomorrow is a collaborative effort that requires us to work together.

Collaborating in a Changing Economy

Skills for a New Economy seeks to empower individuals to succeed from education through employment by enhancing the technical, social and emotional skills needed in a rapidly evolving global economy, but we aren't doing it alone. By working collaboratively across industries, institutions, organizations and associations, we can ensure we have a pipeline of talent that is ready for a world of work in which technology is dominating.

To that end, we are collaborating with organizations, institutions and interested stakeholders to design and test solutions for addressing the problems we identify. Through this collaboration, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • influence the development of a solution that aims to address the needs of a rapidly changing workforce
  • provide input into the solution's vision
  • give feedback via surveys, in person meetings and pilot testing for a product that addresses higher order skills (also referred to as soft skills) for individuals

Institutions and entities servicing students and jobseekers will help create a method of validation to measure noncognitive skills (in classroom or at work) to:

  • improve retention
  • understand curricula quality
  • prove that graduates have the skills employers want

Employers will be able to influence their future employee pipeline and meet organizational needs by helping to create a way to measure and map high-performers' shared qualities and skills.

Working Toward a Solution

Interested in joining our efforts as a collaborator? Contact us today.