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Before Your SLS At Home Test Session Begins

  • Run a final ProctorU® Equipment Check and fix any issues before you attempt to check in for your test. All issues must be resolved before your appointment time.
  • Close all browsers and applications not needed for the test. This can help prevent bandwidth issues while you test.
  • Make sure any other devices in your home that use the internet are not running.
  • Gather the materials you'll need for your test session. (All other materials are prohibited.)
    • Passport or other acceptable ID
    • Acceptable note-taking materials, such as a whiteboard or plastic transparency sheet, that can be erased in view of the proctor
    • Cell phone or handheld mirror for check-in
  • Make sure your testing area meets all environment requirements, including:
    • The room is quiet and well lit.
  • The table and surrounding area are clear. Make sure you are alone in the room with no one else entering during the test and all doors are closed before beginning testing.
  • Make sure you are dressed appropriately, with your ears and face visible to the proctor. Avoid wearing any jewelry or other accessories. Face masks may not be worn during check in or any part of the at home testing session.