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Understanding Your SLS Scores

Determining Whether You Passed the Test

Content Category Score Interpretation

The scoring information in the test content category on your score report can help you identify content areas where further study may improve your test score.

In each content category, compare your "raw points earned" with the maximum number of points you could have earned ("raw points available"). The greater the difference, the greater the opportunity to improve your score by further study.

Putting Your Scores in Perspective

Your score report indicates:

  • your score
  • the range of possible scores
  • the raw points available in each content category
  • the range of the middle 50 percent of scores on that test

If you have taken the same test or another SLS test over the last 10 years, your score report lists the highest score you earned on each test.

Raw vs. Scaled Scores

The SLS tests exist in different editions, each of which contains different questions intended to measure the same general types of knowledge or skills. To avoid penalizing test takers who answer more difficult questions, the initial scores are adjusted for difficulty.

  • Unadjusted scores, which are simply the number of questions answered correctly, are known as "raw scores."
  • Adjusted scores, which are adjusted to the scale we use for reporting the scores, are known as "scaled scores."

For each edition of the SLS tests, a "raw-to-scale conversion table" is used to translate raw scores to scaled scores. The harder the questions are on a test edition, the fewer the questions that must be answered correctly to earn a given scaled score.

Pretest Questions

SLS tests may include pretest questions, which are new questions that are being evaluated for possible use in future editions of the test.

  • Pretest questions are not identified in order to assess how you respond to them under actual testing conditions.
  • Pretest questions do not count toward the score.