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SLS Test and Score Reporting Dates

SLS tests are offered throughout the year. Score reporting dates vary, depending on which test you take.

When Will I Get My Scores?

Your official score report will be available online via your SLS account on the score reporting date. When choosing a test date, be sure to use our helpful calendar to select a test date that allows sufficient time to receive your scores and meet deadlines.

For more information about scoring and score reporting, see Scores.

Find a Test Date

Select the SLS test you are taking from the dropdown, then select your SLS test date from the calendar on the left. After your selection, the right-hand calendar will display the score reporting date. Scores are posted after 5 p.m. ET on the date shown.

Note: When scores are scheduled to be posted on a Tuesday or Friday that falls on an ETS holiday, they will be reported on the following Friday and Tuesday, respectively.

Available Test dates


Estimated score delivery