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About the School Leadership Series

The School Leadership Series (SLS) was developed to support your career growth and development within your school or district. These assessments measure your experience and professional judgement as it relates to a school leadership role. The SLS tests are computer delivered through a network of test centers across the country throughout the year. Certain tests can also be taken at home.

The School Leadership Series consists of the following assessments:

  • Connecticut Administrator Test (6412)
  • School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) (6990)
  • School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) (6991)


Find out how to register, learn about testing options, and familiarize yourself with ID requirements and other policies.

Prepare for a Test

Learn about the preparation materials available to help you get ready and feel confident on test day.


Find more information on receiving, sending and understanding your score report.

Which Tests Should I Take?

The test or tests you take depend on the requirements where you're seeking licensure. Each state or agency that uses the SLS tests sets its own requirements for which tests you must take and the associated passing scores. Before registering or beginning to prepare, make sure you confirm your testing requirements.