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What to Expect on Test Day

Knowing what to expect when you take the TOEFL® Essentials test will help ensure you're ready to do your best on test day. Review this information to learn about the at home testing procedures, including the materials you'll need and how to prepare the room where you'll test.

Take a Closer Look

Watch the At Home Testing with ProctorU® video to learn about how to prepare your testing area, the check-in process and what you should expect during your at home test.

Test Day Checklist

Are you ready to test?

  • Run a final ProctorU Equipment Check and resolve all issues before your appointment time.
  • Close all applications and browsers, and make sure no other internet devices are running.
  • Have all materials needed: Passport or acceptable ID, approved note-taking materials and cellphone or hand-held mirror for check in.
  • Make sure your testing area meets all requirements.
  • Dress appropriately with ears and face visible. Face masks may not be worn during check in or any part of the at home testing session.

Checking In

At your appointment time, click the "start your test" link in your appointment confirmation email or from your ETS account. You'll have 12 minutes after your scheduled time to begin your check in. The check-in process takes about 20 minutes to complete. If you haven't checked in by that time, your test will be canceled, and your fee won't be refunded. After you select "Start Session," you'll complete various steps with the proctor.

Getting Help During the Test

Watch our video on how to get help during your test if you have a technical issue.

Note to test takers: ETS is monitoring the reuse of devices and testing locations for unauthorized purposes. Frequent, inappropriate reuse of shared testing devices and common testing locations may result in the delay and/or cancellation of your scores. It could also impact your eligibility to take future ETS exams.