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TOEFL® Essentials Writing Section

The TOEFL® Essentials Writing section measures your ability to write, review and edit texts in English for different communication purposes, such as emails and online discussions.

There are 14 to 18 Build a Sentence questions and 2 writing tasks. The section takes 24–30 minutes to complete.

Task Types

  • Build a Sentence
    View a sentence with words or phrases in the wrong order and move them to form a grammatically correct sentence.
  • Write an Email
    Write an email for a specific purpose — for example, making a recommendation, extending an invitation or proposing a solution to a problem.
  • Describe a Photo
    Write a social media post about a photo. Describe the photo to your social media friends.
  • Write for an Academic Discussion
    State and support an opinion on a given topic in an online class discussion forum.

Your test will include the Describe a Photo task or the Write for an Academic Discussion task, but not both.

A Closer Look

Learn about the types of questions you’ll find in the Writing section of the TOEFL Essentials test.