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TOEFL® Essentials Speaking Section

The TOEFL® Essentials Speaking section measures your ability to speak and communicate effectively in a variety of situations.

There are 3 tasks with a total of 19 responses, and the section takes about 13 minutes to complete.

Task Types

  • Read Aloud
    Read aloud 1 part in a dialogue that takes place in a daily life or campus situation. Each of the 6 “turns” in the conversation is around 1–3 sentences.
  • Listen and Repeat
    Repeat a series of 8 sentences about a scenario in an academic or social setting.
  • Virtual Interview
    Participate in a simulated conversation with a pre-recorded interviewer. Answer 5 questions related to the interview topic, where you describe your experiences and opinions.

A Closer Look

Learn about the types of questions you’ll find in the Speaking section of the TOEFL Essentials test.