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National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Internships

ETS-NAEP Summer Internship Opportunities

ETS Research & Development is committed to developing a talent pipeline of diverse researchers and scientists in data science, data analysis, psychometrics, test fairness, validity, measurement and statistics. Students can apply for learning opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral level through externships, internships, fellowships or post-doctoral appointments. All appointments within the ETS-NAEP Program are based on a business research project model and designed to expose individuals to our mission and culture, the day-to-day operations and value of working in educational testing and assessment, and how the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES)-NAEP and ETS-NAEP collaborate to support a dynamic national educational imperative.

The Internship Experience

As part of our 2022 Summer internship experience, our interns will work either virtually or in person for an eight-week period on a business research project and will be paired with an ETS R&D NAEP staff member who will serve as their mentor. Since our program is designed to expose students to careers in our field, our interns also receive learning and professional development experiences that include, but are not limited to:

  • individual professional mentoring/coaching
  • weekly research seminars led by experts in the fields of research, measurement, psychometrics and statistics
  • exposure to connect and learn from leaders across NCES-NAEP
  • professional presentation opportunities and exposure to opportunities for future full-time employment in ETS-NAEP

Interested students can apply for one of two internships.

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) — Undergraduate Students

We provide business research project-based experiences for diverse students starting from those who are entering their third year of study through recent (within the past semester) graduates. Students must be enrolled in a four-year United States-based accredited institution with at least one year of classroom and/or external research experience. All majors are welcomed.

The application process is currently closed.

The Summer Pre-Doctoral Research Experience (SPRE) — Graduate Students

Individuals currently enrolled in master's or doctoral-level programs will engage in learning experiences designed to apply their educational training with applied experiences working on a business research project. Diverse students majoring in degree programs in psychology, psychometrics, data science, learning science, computer science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence and/or machine learning who have completed at least two years of coursework are encouraged to apply.

The application process is currently closed.

ETS-NAEP University Collaboration Efforts

NCES-NAEP and ETS Research & Development have shared missions to inform, learn from, support and engage the communities where we work and live in the key areas within NAEP: Psychometrics & Data Analysis, Assessment Design & Development, and Survey Instrument Design. As part of this ongoing commitment, we work with colleges and universities that have programs/majors that align with the business areas within NAEP to provide students and faculty with learning, professional development and employment opportunities that expose them to NAEP’s work.

ETS and Howard University

Established in 2012, the ETS-NAEP Statistics & Evaluation Institute provides students, faculty and staff with no-cost learning opportunities in the areas of research, assessment, and quantitative and qualitative research. Over the eight-week period at the Institute, participants attend daily seminars that consist of a hybrid of lecture/classroom and applied/lab learning. This model encourages individuals to actively learn and then apply the knowledge gained in an iterative manner, and includes ongoing feedback and coaching from the faculty. Since the program is supported by NCES-NAEP, participants also learn directly from staff who work within NAEP and they are provided with opportunities to connect with us for visiting and full-time employment positions.