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What to Bring to Your Off-Campus Testing Appointment

What to Bring to an ETS® Proficiency Profile Test Administration Using a Remote Proctoring Service

  • valid and acceptable identification
  • a four-function non-graphing calculator (optional)
  • a single sheet of blank white paper inserted into a transparent plastic sleeve with a dry-erase marker used as scratch paper (optional)

Technical Requirements

To use the remote proctoring service, you must meet the following requirements:

Web Camera 1280x720 resolution
PC Users Windows® 7 or later
Mac Users Mac® OS X® 10.10 or later
Internet Download Speed 1.5 Mbps
Internet Upload Speed 1.5 Mbps
Screen Resolution The maximum resolution available for your monitor

Other Requirements

  • a functioning microphone (sometimes web cameras have built-in microphones)
  • one of the following compatible web browsers:
    • Internet Explorer® 9 or later (PC)
    • Safari® (Mac) 8.0 or later
  • Adobe® Flash

To test your equipment, go to Test it Out page.

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