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ETS® Proficiency Profile and the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA)

The VSA is a voluntary initiative for four-year public colleges and universities developed through a partnership between the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities.

The ETS Proficiency Profile Will Help You Meet Your VSA Requirements

As one of three VSA-approved instruments for measuring student learning outcomes, the ETS® Proficiency Profile is the most convenient, cost-effective and versatile choice among general education assessments.

The ETS Proficiency Profile will help you meet your VSA requirements by:

  • reporting critical thinking and written communication mean scores for both freshmen and seniors
  • providing value-added information to determine if your institution is above, at or below expectations in critical thinking and written communications

Other Ways the ETS Proficiency Profile Helps Your Institution

As an assessment that measures the core skills — critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics — in a single, convenient test, the ETS Proficiency Profile also:

VSA Resources

Learn more about the VSA.

For more information on how the ETS Proficiency Profile can help your program, contact an ETS Advisor.

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ETS Proficiency Profile Administrator Portal (Program Workshop)

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ETS Proficiency Profile Annual Comparative Data Guide

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