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Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions About the ProEthica® Program

Enrollment, Registration and Payment

I enrolled my educators in the ProEthica® program and some of them did not receive an email from ETS. Why not?
It is possible that the email was blocked or "bounced" by their email server. Advise your educators to check their spam mailbox and to add to their contacts list so messages from this email address won't be flagged as spam.
One of my educators is getting an error message while trying to register. What's wrong?
In the event that there is a mismatch between the information you provided for the educator during enrollment and the information that the educator is entering during registration, the educator will receive an error message. Occasionally this is the result of a typo that occurred during enrollment. If that occurs, you may be required to edit the educator's enrollment profile in the ProEthica program Enrollment Management System that is accessed through your ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program account.
How do I use payment vouchers?

Purchase payment vouchers online in the ProEthica program Enrollment Management System accessed through ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program. They must be redeemed within one year after the date of purchase. Payment vouchers must be assigned to educators when you enroll them in a ProEthica program. Educators who have been assigned a payment voucher will not be prompted for payment when they register for the ProEthica program.

I enrolled my educators in the ProEthica program, but forgot to assign a payment voucher during enrollment. What should I do?

If the educator hasn't registered for the program yet, you can assign a voucher to an existing enrollment in the ProEthica program Enrollment Management System.

If you have any questions concerning the voucher orders, please contact us at

Accessing and Completing the ProEthica Program Modules

I want to see what is in the modules. How can I access them?
You can learn more about the activities in the module lessons by reviewing the module descriptions in the ProEthica program Enrollment Management System. To experience the modules yourself, you can enroll yourself in a ProEthica program as you will do for your educators. Like your educators, you will need to register and pay for ProEthica to access the program.
How long will it take to complete the ProEthica program?
While there are no time limits in either the module lessons or end-of-module tests, most of the modules in the ProEthica program were designed to be completed in under 30 minutes, and the end-of-module tests were designed to take no more than 25 minutes. How long it takes to complete all of the modules will vary based on how much your educators decide to engage with the material.
Do my educators have to take all of the modules in one sitting?
No. Educators are able to take the modules over the course of the license period (usually one year), though access to the modules will expire once all modules and end-of-module tests have been completed. If educators exit a module or log out in the middle of a module lesson, their progress will only be saved for each activity that is completed. If they log out in the middle of an activity, they will have to start the activity again. They should not exit a module while they are completing the end-of-module test, as it will count as one attempt and will be scored.
When my educators log in to the ProEthica program, most of the modules have a lock icon on them and they cannot open the lesson. Why?
When your educators access the modules for the first time, only the first module will be unlocked. The modules in the ProEthica program must be completed in order. As each module is completed, the following module will unlock.

Scores and Score Reports

Who gets my educators' scores?
Enrollment managers will automatically receive their educators' scores if they have been granted access to the Candidate Score Reports service in ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program. Additionally, if the ProEthica program is required by your state, the state department will also receive scores. Download Understanding Your ProEthica® Scores for more information.
Which scores are reported?
Only performance on the end-of-module tests and summative assessment (available in ProEthica® Essentials only) is reported. Data from the modules' lessons are not collected or reported.

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