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How the ProEthica® Program Works

The ProEthica® program can be used on its own or as part of a larger exploration of the topic of educator ethics. The activities in the ProEthica program were designed for individual exploration and self-reflection, with the intent for this individual exploration to spark awareness and drive conversation.


The ProEthica program is an enrollment-based program that is offered to educators through their state, educator preparation program (EPP), jurisdiction, school district or school. Before educators can register for the ProEthica program, you must enroll them. Enrollment is managed in the ProEthica program Enrollment Management System that is accessed through your ETS Client Services for the ProEthica Program account.

Once enrolled, your educators will receive a system-generated email from with instructions to register for a ProEthica program. This email includes a link to the online system, where they will register for the ProEthica program. During registration, the information that the educator provides is matched to the information that you provided when enrolling the educator.

We recommend that you communicate with your educators about how you plan to use the ProEthica program and the timeline for their completion of the program prior to enrolling them.

Detailed instructions for enrolling your educators in the ProEthica program are available in the ProEthica program Enrollment Management System.

Fees and Payment

Please email for information about pricing.


You can purchase payment vouchers on behalf of your educators. Payment vouchers are available for purchase online in the ProEthica program Enrollment Management System accessed through ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program. They must be redeemed within one year after the date of purchase.

Payment vouchers must be assigned to educators when you enroll them in a ProEthica program. Educators who have been assigned a payment voucher will not be prompted for payment when they register for the ProEthica program.

If you have any questions concerning the voucher orders, please contact us

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ProEthica Program Enrollment Management System

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