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Completing the ProEthica® Program

Getting Started

The ProEthica® program is aligned to the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE), and the principles of the MCEE are referenced throughout the modules. As stated by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC):

The purpose of the MCEE is to serve as a shared ethical guide for future and current educators faced with the complexities of P–12 education. The code establishes principles for ethical best practice, mindfulness, self-reflection and decision making, setting the groundwork for self-regulation and self-accountability. The establishment of this professional code of ethics by educators and for educators honors the public’s trust and upholds the dignity of the profession.

Encourage your educators to download a copy of the MCEE from the NASDTEC website before they begin the ProEthica program.

Accessing the ProEthica Program

The ProEthica program is delivered online by learning management technology that was custom-built for ETS. Both the modules and online platform:

  • are fully functional for educators using Mac®- and Windows®-based desktop and laptop computers, on the most popular tablets and on all major browsers
  • are accessible to users who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard-of-hearing

Educators can access and begin the ProEthica program immediately after completing registration and payment and complete the program at their own pace. If you would like your educators to complete the program on a specified timeline, it is best to provide this instruction to them prior to enrolling them in the program.

Completing the Modules

The ProEthica program is broken into modules so that it can be completed over the course of a year, if desired. The modules in the program must be completed in order, starting with the Introduction. When a ProEthica user begins the program, only the first module (Introduction) will be unlocked and accessible. As each module is completed, the following module will unlock. Each of the modules was designed to take about 30 minutes to complete, but the amount of time it takes will vary based on how much your educators decide to engage with the material.

Most of the modules consist of two parts: a lesson and a test. The lesson must be completed before the test can be accessed. Completed lessons remain available for educators to review up until the point that they have completed the ProEthica program. Data from the module’s lesson is not collected or reported.

Many of the modules in the ProEthica program include an end-of-module test. Each end-of-module test contains 12 multiple-choice questions to check for understanding of the concepts presented in the module’s lesson. ProEthica® Essentials also includes a summative assessment after all of the modules have been completed.

Performance on the end-of-module test and, if applicable, the summative assessment is reported to the educator and to you. In addition to performance information, educators are also provided with the correct response and rationale for the correct response for each question.

Once all of the modules, end-of-module tests and, if the educator is taking ProEthica Essentials, the summative assessment have been completed, educators are presented with a Certificate of Achievement. They also have access to a progress report that includes their scores for the ProEthica program.

Following Up

The ProEthica program was designed to spark discussion by:

  • making educators aware of the risks and vulnerabilities inherent in the profession
  • helping them to learn how to apply professional ethics in their decision making

Your educators may find it helpful to have follow-up discussions about the local laws and policies that should also guide decision making and the implicit norms that may exist within the schooling community. ETS has developed materials to help facilitate these follow-up discussions. Some materials are available to you at no charge in the ProEthica Enrollment Management System that you access through your ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program account and on the Resources page of this website.

Need More Information?

For additional information on completing the ProEthica program, see Troubleshooting.

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