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Candidate Score Reports for the ProEthica® Program

Candidate Score Reports in ETS® Data Manager for the ProEthica® program houses services related to ProEthica score reporting and analysis and is free for all ETS ProEthica clients.


Candidate Score Reports

Candidate Score Reports offers direct access to individual candidate scores through an intuitive user interface. You can download, view or print individual score reports or entire score reporting runs.

Candidate Score Reports via Web Service

For a more automated approach, the Web Service provides score reports through a server-to-server connection. Each score recipient will perform an initial, one-time set up to determine parameters for time frame and format.


Access to score reports in ETS Data Manager is provided via the internet from a secure website using a login and password. Due to the nature of the data contained in the ETS Data Manager, access is restricted to state, jurisdiction, institution and school district clients of the ProEthica program. Educators who are completing the ProEthica program as directed by a state, jurisdiction, institution and school district client should NOT be given access to Candidate Score Reports or Candidate Score Reports via Web Service in ETS Data Manager or other services in ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program.

Accounts are managed for each client and/or enrollment manager through the use of a Primary User for each service. Note: There can only be one Primary User per service for each client/enrollment manager.

  • All Primary Users are approved by an ETS administrator. ETS recommends that the Primary User be at the level of a dean, human resources director, assistant dean, education department chair, principal or similar position so that he or she will be able to monitor and approve or remove access for staff at the entire institution, jurisdiction, state agency, school or school district.
  • The Primary User is not required to use the service(s); he or she is only required to manage access to service(s) for his or her Secondary User(s).
  • All Secondary Users are approved by the appropriate Primary User.
  • A Primary User must create an account first in order to approve Secondary Users within his or her institution, jurisdiction, state agency, school or school district.
  • Other staff requesting access to service(s) should sign up as Secondary Users.

To sign in or request an account to access the ETS Data Manager, visit ETS Client Services for the Educator Series. For more information, contact

Go to ETS Client Services

System Requirements

  • Target screen resolution is 1024x768
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer® 8 or 9, Firefox® latest version
  • Enable JavaScript, cookies and pop-ups in your browser
  • Adobe® Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher
  • Office 2003® or higher is required to download Excel® and Word® documents
  • Exports of files to PDF can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader®

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