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Client Services for the ProEthica® Program

ProEthica® program clients have access to ETS's Client Services for the ProEthica program. In Client Services, you can easily:

  • view and manage your educators' enrollment status
  • check their scores and progress
  • manage payment vouchers if you have them

ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program is a secure, password-protected website.

Educators who are completing the ProEthica program as directed by a state, jurisdiction, institution and school district client should NOT be given access to ETS Client Services for the ProEthica program.

Download the Client Services for the ProEthica® Program Signing Up/Signing In Help Guide for step-by-step instructions on creating your Client Services account.

Within Client Services, there are two collections of services.

ProEthica Enrollment Management System

The collection of services in the ProEthica Enrollment Management System are related to educator management. Through the Enrollment Management System, you can enroll your educators, purchase, assign and track vouchers, and access reports and other information outlining educator progression. Learn more about the Enrollment Management System.

Candidate Score Reports for the ProEthica Program

ETS® Data Manager for the ProEthica program offers two different services for you to access the score reporting for your educators. Enrollment managers can be granted access to Candidate Score Reports and Candidate Score Reports via Web Service. Learn more about Candidate Score Reports.

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ProEthica Program Enrollment Management System

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