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The ProEthica® Modules

The Foundations and Essentials versions of the ProEthica® program are built around the same fundamental module structure. There is a version of the program for Teachers and for School Leaders at each of these two levels. Each version addresses the content from a teacher's or leader's lens with varying degrees of complexity, making the ProEthica program suitable for all educators, regardless of where you are in your professional career.

The ProEthica Program for Teachers

Module 1: Introduction

This module explores the relationship between the dispositional, ethical and regulatory frameworks as they apply to educator decision making and conduct.

Module 2: The Professional Educator

This module identifies your responsibilities to the profession.

Module 3: The Professional Educator and the Student

This module identifies your responsibility to establish and maintain appropriate verbal, physical, emotional and social boundaries with and regarding students.

Module 4: The Professional Educator and the School

This module addresses how you promote effective and appropriate relationships and interactions with members of the school community while maintaining professional boundaries in and outside of the school building.

Module 5: The Professional Educator and the Community

This module identifies how you must reflect the values of the profession as members of the community.

Module 6: The Professional Educator and Technology, Digital and Social Media

This module covers appropriate use of all technologies in teacher interactions with students, parents and colleagues, including confidentiality in the use of technology and how to identify and address inappropriate use of technology.

Module 7: Ethical Decision Making for the Professional Educator

This module provides a simulation-based activity in which you will examine long-term consequences of short-term decisions. Completion of this module will require you to apply what you have learned in previous modules as well as in this one.

The ProEthica Program for School Leaders

Modules 1–7

To provide continuity in training, Modules 1–7 in the School Leader version of the ProEthica program cover the same topics covered in the Teacher version, but refocus the activities to be specific to school leaders and ask you to view the scenario through a "leadership lens."

Throughout the modules, you will focus on:

  • the unique role you play in fostering an ethical and professional culture
  • the techniques, analysis and mindset you need to apply professional ethics in decision making
  • how to avoid risk and help teachers avoid risk in everyday situations

Module 8: Leading the Professional Educator

This module is only available in the School Leader version. It identifies your responsibility to establish and foster an ethical and professional culture within your school by examining some of the unique ethical challenges you face.

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