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Test Adoption Process

How Does ETS Work with a State that Wants to Adopt a Praxis® Test?

ETS works in conjunction with states to help determine which Praxis® tests best suit their licensure needs. While each state follows its own specific process and regulations, the following is meant to provide a general overview of the process.

ETS begins by working with the state's educator licensure/certification division to identify the state's needs. The teaching standards for the licensure area, the aspects of the standards that need to be tested (e.g., content or pedagogy), grade level, and whether the test would be used for licensure or endorsement are among the considerations that may be discussed. ETS then provides blueprints for the Praxis tests that may meet the state's needs and that are aligned with state and/or national standards.

The state, in consultation with ETS, determines its requirements, including when the test must be in place with a passing score and what needs to be done within that time frame. ETS then conducts a formal test review for state stakeholders to review appropriate tests to determine which test best fulfills all criteria. To set a passing score for the Praxis test selected, the state can use a multistate standard-setting study, if available, or work with ETS to schedule a state-specific standard setting.

Once the state gains the necessary approvals, it announces the new Praxis test requirements, effective date and passing score to all stakeholders.