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Understanding Your Praxis® Scores

The following explains how to interpret your score report and what to do if you have questions about your scores. See Interpreting Your Praxis® Test Taker Score Report for a sample score report.

Putting Your Scores in Perspective

Your score report indicates:

  • Your score and whether you passed.
  • The range of possible scores.
  • The raw points available in each content category.
  • The range of the middle 50% of scores on that test.
  • If you have taken the same test or other Praxis tests over the last 10 years, your score report lists the highest score you earned on each test taken.

Content Category Scores and Score Interpretation

On many of the Praxis tests, questions are grouped into content categories. To help you in future study or in preparing to retake the test, your score report shows how many "raw points" you earned in each content category. Compare your "raw points earned" with the maximum number of points you could have earned ("raw points available"). The greater the difference, the greater the opportunity to improve your score by further study.

Score Scale Changes

ETS updates the Praxis tests on a regular basis to ensure they accurately measure the knowledge and skills that are required for licensure. Updated tests cover the same content as the previous tests. However, scores are reported on a different scale, so requirements may vary between the new and previous versions. All scores for the previous, discontinued tests are valid and reportable for 10 years.

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