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Test Takers Needing PLNE Accommodations (ESL)

Extended Test Time for Test Takers Whose Primary Language Is Not English (PLNE, sometimes referred to as ESL)

The Praxis® tests are only given in English. If English is not your primary language, you may be eligible for extended testing time. PLNE accommodations are available on all test dates and at all established test centers. Test takers who meet ETS requirements will be allowed 50 percent additional testing time.

PLNE Limitations

  • This service does not apply to language tests.
  • Test and test center changes or additions cannot be made after registration. Space and test materials are limited to accommodate the number of examinees assigned to each test center and test.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Certification of Documentation Form. A business card, school seal, or school stamp must be affixed to the Certification of Documentation form. ETS has the right to request further verification, if needed, of the professional’s credentials and expertise relevant to the certification of documentation form. If this request is needed, testing may be delayed until the next applicable test date.
  • Complete the Eligibility Form for Test Takers Whose Primary Language Is Not English.
  • Complete the Test Authorization Voucher Request Form. Be sure to check the box to indicate you are requesting testing accommodations.
  • Email or mail the completed Test Authorization Voucher Request Form, the Certification of Documentation Form and the Eligibility Form to:

    ETS – Praxis
    P.O. Box 6054
    Princeton, NJ 08541-6054.

Using Previously Approved PLNE Accommodations for Subsequent Praxis Tests

If you previously registered and ETS approved your accommodation(s), you may request the same accommodation(s) for additional Praxis tests (excluding language tests) on subsequent test dates. Please allow approximately three weeks before your intended test date for the processing of your request.

To request that your approved PLNE accommodations be provided for subsequent Praxis tests, please email with the following information:

  • A written statement asking that your approved PLNE accommodation(s) be applied to additional Praxis test(s)
  • Your full first and last name
  • Your Praxis ID number
  • Test Code(s) for the test(s) you are taking
  • Test Name(s) for the test(s) you are taking

The request must be approved before you register. When you have been approved, ETS will email an acknowledgement. Please wait for your email approval before registering for the test.

Additional Notes

  • All materials must be submitted together and received at ETS by the dates noted above.
  • Late or incomplete requests, as well as requests received on outdated forms, will be returned to the sender unprocessed.
  • All documentation must be approved before the test date. The program makes every effort to evaluate all requests in a timely manner.
  • If you previously registered and ETS approved your request for accommodations, you may request the same testing accommodation for subsequent test dates.

For more information, contact ETS.