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Try a Free Sampler for the Praxis® Learning Paths Program

If you'd like to see how the Praxis® Learning Paths program works before you buy it, try a free sampler. It includes:

  • a diagnostic that provides a shortened version of what you'd experience in the full course
  • two sample lessons covering area and surface area, from the geometry and measurement section of the full course
  • authentic questions with immediate feedback, step-by-step explanations, definitions, flashcards, videos and skill checks
  • a dashboard and learning map that reflect your progress on the sampler content
  • a snapshot list of units and lessons that are available in the full course

To access the free sampler, sign in to the Praxis Learning Paths platform with the username and password you use to sign in to your Praxis account.

Try the Free Sampler Now

If you don't already have one, create a free Praxis account, then select the link to sign in to the Praxis Learning Paths platform from the My Praxis Home page.

Note: If you decide to purchase the full course, your progress from the sampler will not be saved.