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About the Praxis® Tests

The Praxis® tests measure test takers’ knowledge and skills. The tests are used for licensing and certification processes and include:

How Praxis Core Results Are Used

Praxis Core results are used for program admission purpose and, in most states, Praxis Core results are a component of the teacher licensure process. With the recent recognition of Praxis Core as a measure of academic proficiency by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), group average performance results will be admissible for program accreditation purposes.

Why Students Take the Praxis Core Tests

Here are just some reasons why the Praxis Core tests are preferable for students:

  • Unlike college admissions tests taken during junior or senior years in high school, Praxis Core measures students’ current reading, writing and mathematics skills as they enter an educator’s preparation program. For some students, Praxis Core provides a second chance to demonstrate reading, writing and mathematics skills after two years of college.
  • Praxis Core was developed in conjunction with teacher educators to focus on the academic skills most relevant to the profession.
  • Praxis Core results help students affirm their readiness for higher level education preparation coursework.

State Testing Requirements

Each state and licensing organization determines its own certification and Praxis passing score requirements. For more information about certification requirements, visit the state requirements section. If your institution would like to use a Praxis test that has not been approved by your state, contact for further information.

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