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PPAT® Scores

Getting Your Scores

PPAT® score reports are available via your online account approximately three weeks after each task deadline. Your overall cumulative score for the entire assessment is available approximately three weeks after the Task 4 deadline date. See Getting Your Scores for specific reporting dates and times.

Sending Your Scores

Score reports are automatically sent to your educator preparation program (EPP). For more information, see Sending Your Scores.

Understanding Your Scores

You received your score report. What does it all mean? For more detailed information about your score report, including Pass/Fail information, see Understanding Your Scores.

How Tasks Are Scored

The PPAT assessment consists of four tasks. Task 1 is evaluated by your EPP. Tasks 2, 3 and 4 are centrally scored by ETS-trained raters using a four-point rubric. To learn more, see How Tasks Are Scored.


If your cumulative score falls below the designated passing score for the assessment, you are eligible to resubmit any or all three tasks (Tasks 2, 3 and/or 4) for a fee during the resubmission window immediately following your original submission. See Resubmitting Your Tasks for more information.

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