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You will be required to submit different types of evidence for each of the tasks. Each task requires some form of a written response — this response will be part of your evidence. In addition, tasks require other types of evidence or artifacts, such as a lesson plan, rubrics or scoring guides, anecdotal notes from students and student work samples.

For each task, make sure that you clearly understand what type of evidence is required.

Quality artifacts are those that are carefully selected, and they connect, support and enhance the written commentary. Make sure the artifacts you include:

  • are required by the task directions
  • address the indicators being measured
  • best illustrate and connect with what has been written
  • provide the raters scoring your response with a picture of your practice and with good information on which to score your performance
  • are not blurry, illegible, or contain an image that is too small to read

Note: Raters must be able to read the contents of the artifacts that you include with your response. Blurry or illegible artifacts could result in a score of zero if the rater is unable to view the evidence in the artifact.

For more about artifacts and how to determine the best artifacts to use as evidence, review the “Thinking About Evidence” section of the PPAT® Candidate and Educator Handbook.

Remove Identifying Information from Artifacts

In order for your responses to be scored fairly and to protect the identity of students and adults, it is extremely important that, in your task responses and artifacts, you do not identify:

  • yourself
  • your students
  • your colleagues
  • your school or the city/town in which your school is located

Instead of supplying personal information, do the following:

  • refer to students as "Student 1," "Student 2" and so on
  • refer to places as "my school" or "my district"
  • remove identifiers from artifacts prior to uploading by crossing them out with a marker or by covering them with correction tape or fluid before scanning

Uploading Artifacts

You will upload your artifacts to your Library of Artifacts in the online submission system. The Library is a storage area for the artifacts you collect and may include with your submission.

Prior to uploading your artifacts, verify that the file type, size and file name meet the online submission system requirements by checking:

  • Acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .rtf, .txt and .png
  • Maximum file size: 1 MB
  • File names: cannot contain spaces or include such characters as ! + $ % , ` ^ * < > [ ] { } ? “ # / ~ = @ ; %
  • File names: cannot exceed 50 characters

If your file does not meet these requirements, you will receive an error message when trying to upload and the upload will fail. You may need to research online for ways to reduce the file size or to convert the file to an acceptable file type.

Artifact files should not contain links to third-party sites. Raters will not go to a third-party site to retrieve your artifact.

Allow time to resolve any upload errors that you may receive. Review the Submission System User Guide for more information about uploading artifacts. If your file meets the system requirements and you are still unable to upload, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

After uploading your file, open it from the Library of Artifacts to verify that the contents can be viewed.

Linking Artifacts to Your Written Commentary

Uploading artifacts to your Library of Artifacts is only the first step to actually including an artifact with your response. The second step is to link the artifact to your written commentary. When scoring your assessment, raters do not have access to your Library of Artifacts so you must link the artifacts to the written commentary that you have entered in the textboxes.

After you enter your written commentary into the textboxes, highlight a section of that commentary and select the “Link My Artifact(s) to My Response” button to link to your artifacts. After linking your artifact, save your response at the textbox level.

When linking your artifacts to your written commentary, make sure the artifacts that you link are:

  • only those that are required by the task directions
  • linked just once within your response. (Repeated attachment of the required artifacts and extra artifacts are not acceptable.)
  • linked in the designated textbox
  • not exceeding the required number of pages
  • do not contain any links to third-party sites
  • not blurry, illegible
  • do not contain an image that is too small to read

Review the Submission System User Guide for more information about linking artifacts.