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Ancillary Materials for the PPAT® Assessment

The ancillary materials described below were created with you, your Educator Preparation Program (EPP) supervising instructor and your cooperating teacher in mind. These materials are optional. It is highly recommended that you incorporate the Professional Growth Plan as part of your required activity for this assessment. Utilize the materials throughout the teaching experience. These documents are additional resources that are intended to help you, your EPP supervising instructor and your cooperating teacher work together to fulfill the requirements of the PPAT® assessment.

  • How to Use the Ancillary Materials
    This chart identifies each ancillary material and how you, your EPP supervising instructors and your cooperating teachers can utilize them.
  • Glossary
    This resource includes terms that are essential for you to know and understand in order to successfully complete this performance assessment. It provides specific definitions that reflect the meaning of each term in the context of the PPAT assessment.
  • Lesson Plan Format
    Lesson Plan Format
    This organizational tool helps promote and facilitate your development of lesson plans. Its purpose is to provide you with an outlined structure of all that you should include in a well-planned lesson. This format helps you better understand and design meaningful daily lessons that will best meet student needs and positively enhance instructional practice and students' learning. It is intended for use in conjunction with Tasks 2, 3 and 4, but it is not a required form. You have the option of using your own lesson plan format.
  • Daily Reflection Form
    Daily Reflection Form
    This tool helps promote your daily self-reflection through purposeful and reliable examinations of your teaching practice in an effort to meet students' needs and positively improve instructional practices and student learning.
  • Professional Growth Plan
    Professional Growth Plan

    Note: This plan may be required as part of your activities of the assessment. Check with your educator preparation program for requirements.

    This highly recommended tool helps you identify specific learning goals and provide a structure for continuing professional growth. It provides the necessary guidance to assist you through a continuous learning process. This process is based upon numerous components, such as your individual needs, the needs of the district and the alignment of the two, to ultimately improve student achievement. Please see the PPAT® Reflective Practice Handbook for more explicit directions and suggestions.