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The PPAT® Assessment from ETS

Teacher candidates required to submit a teacher performance assessment now have another choice of an assessment that shows what they know and are able to do — the PPAT® Assessment.

The PPAT assessment evaluates test takers on their abilities to impact student learning as it relates to the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards, demonstrating that they have the basic pedagogical content knowledge and application for the classroom to begin teaching as an entry-level teacher. It is designed to:

  • develop more effective teachers in the classroom
  • identify strengths and areas for improvement of practice
  • allow student teachers to continually refine their teaching practices
  • contribute to a development plan for professional growth

How does it work?

The assessment contains four tasks requiring written commentary and submission of artifacts. A video submission also is required for one of the tasks. The task requirements are found on the pages of this website. You will complete tasks by entering a written response for each textbox, uploading artifacts and linking those artifacts to your written response, and uploading a video via an online submission system on or before the submission deadline.

For more information, see Building and Submitting Tasks.

What does it measure?

Tasks include:

  • Task 1: Knowledge of Students and the Learning Environment
  • Task 2: Assessment and Data Collection to Measure and Inform Student Learning
  • Task 3: Designing Instruction for Student Learning
  • Task 4: Implementing and Analyzing Instruction to Promote Student Learning

Task 1 is formative. Tasks 2, 3 and 4 are summative. For more information, see Task Requirements.

Do I have to take the PPAT assessment?

Check with your state department of education or your educator preparation program to see if this assessment is required as part of your state or educator preparation program requirements.

How do I register?

Find information about the registration process, including submission dates, deadlines and fees. See Registering for the PPAT Assessment.

If you need to request accommodations for a disability or health-related need, see Disability Accommodations.

How can I prepare for the assessment?

There are a number of free downloadable materials to help you get ready, including several handbooks and a glossary of common terms. To access these materials, see Prepare for the Assessment.

How do I get my score?

Official score reports are available via your online account approximately three weeks after the task submission deadline. Each state department of education or educator preparation program will set their own passing score for the assessment. For more information, including getting your scores, understanding your scores and more, see Scores.

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