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Resubmitting Your Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders (PATL) Tasks

Scores are available approximately six weeks after the submission deadline. After you receive your scores, there is a short resubmission window. If your assessment score falls below the passing score for the assessment, you are eligible to resubmit any or all three tasks for a fee. Only one resubmission per task is permitted during the resubmission window. If you achieve a passing score, you are not eligible to resubmit any tasks.

Decide Which Task(s) to Resubmit

Review each of your task scores. See Understanding Your Scores.

Review your response and the guiding prompts to make sure you answered all the questions.

Re-read the rubric at the score level you obtained as well as at the higher level(s). This will help provide perspective on the things required to satisfy the rubric at the higher score levels.

Read, review and reflect on the feedback provided with each step score on your score report. Read some appropriate examples from the Library of Examples.

Improve Your Responses

  1. Read and respond to the questions accurately. Be sure to dissect the parts of the question and analyze what each part is asking you to do. If the question asks you to describe or discuss, keep those requirements in mind when composing your response — do not just provide a list or a general response. Respond insightfully and thoroughly focus on the key aspects of the guiding prompt. If the guiding prompt asks for examples, be sure to keep this requirement in mind while composing your response. Keep in mind that the examples may come from the required artifacts. Review the "Writing and Formatting Guidelines" in the Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders Candidate and Educator Handbook.
  2. Answer everything that is asked in the question. This seems simple, but many test takers fail to provide a complete response. Be sure to carefully review the task requirements and each guiding prompt to ensure you are addressing everything that is asked in the question. Providing the required response with adequate detail to describe each step you have taken allows you to submit more evidence that could result in a higher score.
  3. Provide all required artifacts. Raters review all artifacts that are linked to the textboxes to determine whether they meet the requirement and how well they support the written commentary. Be sure to select artifacts that can provide a significant connection to your written commentary. Not submitting the appropriate artifact will impact your score. Review the “Thinking About Evidence” pages in the Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders Candidate and Educator Handbook, for specific information on the required artifacts for each task.
  4. Give a thorough and detailed response. Your response must clearly demonstrate to the raters that you have a thorough understanding of each guiding prompt. Be sure to clearly provide details that explain key thoughts and ideas. Each response is reviewed for both completeness and the quality of the response. Review the analytical portion of the rubric for each task and compare the written commentary to each bullet within the rubric and determine whether you have provided the evidence described.

Register for Resubmission

Resubmission must occur in the resubmission window immediately following your original submission.

Register for the resubmission window through your ETS® Performance Assessment online account by selecting the "Resubmit" link for this assessment on your "View All My Tests" page.

Refer to Dates and Deadlines for resubmission deadline dates and times.

There is a fee of $75 per task associated with resubmission.

Submitting the Revised Tasks

The resubmission task(s) are completely separate responses from what was originally submitted. When scoring your resubmitted tasks, raters do not have access to your original submission. During resubmission, you will begin with blank textboxes, making sure to:

  • enter and submit the entire task response as if you are submitting the task for the first time
  • enter the written commentary in all textboxes
  • link the artifacts to the written commentary where required
  • obtain permission forms
  • respond to the prompts and activities for all steps, not just the steps where you scored low

Permission Forms for Resubmitted Tasks

During the resubmission window, you must obtain permission forms for any new artifacts you plan to include with the task(s) you are resubmitting.

Final Assessment Scores

Once your resubmitted tasks are scored, the task with the highest total task score, whether from the original submission or from the resubmission, becomes part of your final score for the assessment.