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Writing Guidelines for the Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders (PATL)

You need to write descriptively, analytically and reflectively when responding to each task in the assessment. Your program provider or administrator can give you explanations and examples of the types of writing expected for each task. Keep the following tips in mind while completing the Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders assessment.

Helpful Tips

  • Write descriptively. Be descriptive with your examples of how you applied the standards to each task. Paint a picture for the raters, so they can understand your response and identify the pertinent areas needed for scoring more easily.
  • Use specific examples. Generalizations do not accurately capture the specific work you achieved for each task, so be sure to use examples of specific situations where you applied the standards for each task.
  • Keep your rubric handy. It is helpful to compare what you are writing to the requirements listed in the rubric to ensure you are including all the required information in your response.
  • Make sure you enter your written commentary in the appropriate textboxes. Do not include your written commentary in a linked artifact or in a link to a third-party site. Raters are not permitted to view third-party sites to retrieve written commentary.