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Preparing for the ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL)

In addition to information contained within the pages of this website, the following materials are available as free downloads to help you prepare for the assessment.

PASL Candidate and Educator Handbook

The PASL Candidate and Educator Handbook is a valuable resource for completing the assessment. It includes a basic overview of the assessment and test-taking strategies, as well as information on:

  • How to prioritize your activities and organize your thinking, as you build your responses.
  • Guidelines for writing — each task requires some form of written response. It is imperative that you understand what kind of writing (descriptive, analytic or reflective) is required by each guiding prompt.
  • Collecting evidence — evidence is found in the information that you provide within your written commentary and in the artifacts that you submit. Learn what you need to know about evidence, how to select evidence for your tasks, and how to submit both student and teacher artifacts as evidence.
  • How to prepare for the video recording, how to record your sessions, how to analyze your video and the importance of practice videos. The video is meant to provide as authentic and complete a view of your leadership practice as possible.
  • Scoring of tasks.

Task Overview

The PASL Overview is a self-guided presentation containing in-depth information about the assessment including a review of the three tasks. Review before beginning your response to the guiding prompts.

Review the type of evidence required for each task. For complete task requirements including activities, guiding prompts and artifacts see the assessment tasks and rubrics.

Ancillary Materials

Become familiar with the ancillary materials that were created with the school leader candidate in mind. Learn more about the Ancillary Materials.

Glossary of Common Terms

The PASL Glossary provides specific definitions that reflect the meaning of each term in the context of this assessment.

Task 3 Video

The assessment requires the submission of a video. Become familiar with your recording equipment and the size and type of the video file you will create. The submission system where you upload your video has specific requirements as to the type and size of video file that is acceptable for uploading. Ensure your video file meets these requirements to avoid delays when uploading. Learn more about the Videos.

Understanding the Online Submission System

You will submit your tasks in an online environment. Review the Submission System User Guide for helpful information on navigating the system and entering your responses.

Completing the Assessment in a Virtual Learning Environment

Candidates who are not able to have face-to-face interactions as a result of COVID-19 restrictions can still complete the assessment. Review the Guidance for Completing the PASL Assessment in a Virtual or Hybrid Environment.

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