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Resolving Technical Issues

Supporting Software for the PASL Assessment

The following operating systems, browsers and computer hardware are currently supported by our submission system. Using other versions may not provide all system functionality to support your submissions.

Operating Systems and Browsers Currently Supported

  • Windows®: Google Chrome®, Firefox® and Microsoft Edge®
  • Mac®: Google Chrome® and Safari®

Computer Hardware Currently Supported

PC and Mac are supported hardware. The use of mobile devices for entering and submitting your task responses (tablets, cell phones, etc.) is not supported.

Bookmarking URLs

Do not bookmark. To access the submission system, type the URL directly into the address bar of a newly-opened browser page.

Types of Errors Encountered

Save Response Errors

You may encounter errors when attempting to save your responses if your character count has exceeded the maximum character limit for the task. While the text that you entered may appear in the textboxes, the text and artifact links will not save if the maximum character count is exceeded.

Save your response as you enter information into the textboxes. There are two save options:

  • "Save Response" button is located above the textbox and saves only that textbox response.
  • "Save All Responses" button is located after the final step of the task, at the bottom of the screen. This saves all textbox responses.

Verify your character count often to make sure your response does not exceed the maximum character count. The character count button is located above the textbox.

Upon saving your response, a pop-up window will appear confirming the save. If you do not receive a pop-up confirmation after attempting to save, your response did not save and you may be disconnected from the system.

Log-In Errors

Most log-in errors are the result of:

  • not properly closing out a session from a previous log in
  • using a browser or operating system that is not supported by our systems
  • trying to log in using a bookmark of the URL
  • trying to log in too many times with an incorrect password

If you encounter log-in errors, try to resolve by following the steps outlined below. If you are still not able log in, please take a screen capture of the error message and contact us. Screen captures are very helpful for ETS staff when researching the issue.

Please attempt to log in again by following the steps below:

  • Close all internet browsers, then open a new browser window. Type: directly into the address bar of the newly-opened browser page.
  • When you initially save the test-taker URL above as a bookmark or favorite, it converts to a very long URL and must be edited. We recommend that you do not bookmark the URL. If it is necessary to save the URL as a bookmark/favorite, you must edit the bookmark/favorite to reflect the test-taker URL:
  • If the issue persists, the internet browser cache may need to be cleared. Use the links below to access instructions on clearing the cache on these supported browsers.

    Chrome: Clearing the Cache
    Firefox: Clearing the Cache
    Safari: Clearing the Cache

Account Locked Out Error

Error messages with the title, "Technical error" may be the result of a user account becoming locked due to too many login attempts using an incorrect password. If you receive this type of message and the resolution suggestions above do not work, please capture the error message and contact Customer Service support.

Connectivity with the Submission System

Should your internet connection be disrupted, you may lose connectivity to the submission system that could result in work not saving. Save your textbox responses often and verify that you receive confirmation message on every save attempt.

Working in Multiple Browser Windows May Affect Data Integrity

When working in the submission system, work in only one browser window of the submission system. Having multiple browser windows open in the submission system may result in loss of data or changes to data especially when the autosave process runs for all open windows.

Text Editing Programs

Text editing programs running while you are working in the submission system could interfere with the linking functionality in the textboxes. If you need to use text editing programs for your written commentary, we recommend you create your responses outside the submission system then copy and paste into the textboxes.

Video and Artifact Upload and Linking Errors

When working in the submission system, you may encounter error messages during artifact and video uploads and artifact linking to textboxes. Be sure to review the Submission System User Guide for assistance. Contact us if you are unable to resolve the issue.

Additional Help

Contact us for assistance with these and other technical issues you may encounter.