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Submitting Your ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) Tasks

Task responses are submitted in an online environment through your ETS® Performance Assessments account. To enter task responses, select "Go To Assessment" button from your home page.

Read the Submission System User Guide for instructions on navigating the submission system, entering task responses, uploading artifacts, linking artifacts to task responses, uploading the video and submitting the tasks.

All tasks require written responses and the submission of artifacts as evidence. With the exception of the Task 3 video, you must link these artifacts to the appropriate text within the written responses. You must upload the Task 3 video as part of the response to Task 3, Step 5.

Task Deadlines

Submit all tasks and artifacts within the same submission window and by the specified deadline date and time. For more information, see Dates and Deadlines.

Technical Issues

While not expected, you may encounter technical issues during the course of completing the assessment. For information on how to resolve common technical errors, see Resolving Technical Issues.

Working in Multiple Browser Windows May Affect Data Integrity

When working in the submission system, work in only one browser window of the submission system. Having multiple browser windows open in the submission system may result in loss of data or change to data especially when the autosave process runs in all open windows.

Submission Terms

Upon each task submission, you must agree to submission terms covering various requirements of the assessment including, but not limited to, possession of approved permission forms; attestation that the responses, artifacts and video are that of the test taker; and the role of professional ethics. The submission terms are the same for each task.

Tasks Not Submitted

You will receive a score of zero for any task not submitted by the task deadline.

Registration fees are not refundable if you miss a task deadline.

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