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Ancillary Materials

These ancillary materials can be used throughout the clinical experience and are intended to be helpful as you work to fulfill the requirements of the assessment. These materials are optional.

  • About the Ancillary Materials
    The ancillary materials described here were created to provide direction for the school leader candidate.
  • Glossary
    This resource consists of terms that are essential for school leader candidates to know so they can successfully complete this performance assessment. This resource provides specific definitions that reflect the meaning of each term in the context of this assessment.
  • Plan Template
    Plan Template
    Use this form to organize your thoughts before working with colleagues and to guide your planning process. The form is generic and can be applied to each of the three tasks.
  • Walk-through Observation Form
    Walk-through Observation Form
    Use this form in conjunction with the informal walk-throughs associated with the professional development experience that is the focus of Task 2. This form specifically applies to what you see occurring in the classroom that relates to the identified Task 2 professional development.
  • Post-Professional Development Feedback Survey
    Post-Professional Development Feedback Survey
    This survey specifically relates to Task 2 and is designed to elicit feedback from colleagues involved in the professional development experience. The results of this survey can help guide your reflection required in Step 4.