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Building and Submitting Tasks for the ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL)

  • Tasks are built and submitted in a private, secure online environment only accessible by the test taker who has a user name and password. Here you can compose written commentaries, upload documents and artifacts, link artifacts to your written commentary, upload your Task 3 video, and submit your tasks.
  • During the course of your school leader internship, you should collect multiple artifacts and videos for use should you need to resubmit a task(s). Note: See Dates and Deadlines for important dates and times.

Task Requirements

For details on each of the three tasks and the rubrics used to score them, review Task Requirements.

Library of Examples

Compare your task response with excerpts taken from actual school leader test-taker submissions. See Library of Examples.

Written Commentary

You are required to submit written commentary for each task response. See Written Commentary.


You are required to link artifacts to your task responses. See Artifacts.


This assessment requires the submission of a video for Task 3. To learn more, see Videos.

Ancillary Materials

ETS has created numerous forms and documents to help you as you progress through the assessment. See Ancillary Materials.

Permission Forms and Privacy

You are required to obtain signed permission forms from individuals who appear in your video or in photographs and whose work you submit as evidence. Learn more about permission forms.

Submitting Your Task Responses

Task responses are submitted in an online environment. After creating your account and purchasing the assessment in the ETS® Performance Assessments registration system, you can access the assessment. For more information, see Submitting Your Task Responses.

Resubmitting Tasks

If your cumulative assessment score falls below the designated passing score, you are eligible to resubmit one or more tasks. To learn more, see Resubmitting Your Tasks.