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Testing Updates for PPAT®, PASL and PATL Assessments Due to COVID-19

Updated July 19, 2021

Performance Assessments Submissions Impacted by COVID-19

ETS will continue to accept videos and artifacts created in a virtual learning environment for candidates who are unable to record face-to-face interactions. Guidance for completing all assessment tasks in a virtual learning environment are provided for each test below.

When working in a virtual environment, it may be difficult to obtain signatures for the permission forms. Candidates may use electronic signature programs, such as DocuSign® to obtain permission form approvals from parents/guardians or other adults if unable to obtain physical signatures.

Submitting Requests by Mail

Due to limited staffing in our offices during the COVID-19 outbreak, please submit all requests and supporting documentation electronically to ensure that we are able to receive them. Do not submit them by mail.

This applies to requests for:

  • Disability accommodations
  • Fee reductions
  • Score reviews
  • Voucher orders (for Educator Programs only)

If your request requires that you submit a fee with it, you must pay with a credit or debit card. After we receive your request, we will contact you to obtain payment information over the phone.

Note that during this timeframe, there may be additional delays in processing requests.

For additional information about these requests, please see the appropriate page within this site.

PPAT Assessment:

PASL Assessment:

PATL Assessment: