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Meaningful measure of classroom readiness and instructional leadership

Embedded in the clinical experience, the ETS® Performance Assessments for educator preparation programs are designed to provide insights about your candidate’s teaching or instructional leadership effectiveness.

Praxis® Performance Assessment for Teachers

Designed to support learning, growth and development, the PPAT assessment offers critical advantages to assist your clinical instruction program.

Learn more about the PPAT assessment

Adopting the PPAT Assessment

Provide a comprehensive framework for your teacher candidate's clinical experience.

Learn more about adopting the PPAT assessment

Implementing the PPAT Assessment

Collaborate with our client relations team to ensure success throughout the process.

Learn more about implementing the PPAT assessment

Supporting Teacher Candidates

Empower your teacher candidates while providing appropriate guidance and leadership.

Learn more about supporting PASL teacher candidates

Performance Assessment for School Leaders

Aligned with national and state specific school leader standards, this assessment provides a solution for measuring the skills and knowledge necessary for instructional leaders.

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Adopting the PASL Assessment

Ensure that candidates are prepared to drive student learning through leadership and instructional practice.

Learn more about adopting the PASL assessment

Implementing the PASL Assessment

Provide a seamless transition for your faculty and candidates with our client support services.

Learn more about implementing the PASL assessment

Supporting School Leaders

Apply our ethical guidelines and educator handbook to appropriately support and mentor your candidates.

Learn more about supporting PASL candidates

Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders

Aligned with national standards, this assessment measures the critical leadership roles that teachers play in contributing to student and school success.

Learn more about the Performance Assessment for Teacher Leaders