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Every Child Deserves a Qualified Teacher

In our changing world, we need to ensure prepared, qualified, culturally diverse individuals are leading, teaching and learning in our schools. At ETS, we believe in teacher licensure, and we believe that the teacher licensure process is more important than ever. We envision different types of assessments and programs that measure quality for teachers who are coming to the profession from differing backgrounds and experiences.

about ETS Professional Educator Programs

Our Programs


Measure teacher candidates’ knowledge and skills for licensing and certification.Explore the Praxis tests


Track the professional learning experience and performance of pre-service teachers.Explore the PPAT assessment


Assess leadership skills of entry-level school leaders. Explore the School Leadership Series


Measure candidates’ knowledge and skills in reading, writing and mathematics. Explore the ParaPro Assessment


Document emerging school leaders’ clinical experience. Explore the PASL Assessment


Help educators balance caring for students with maintaining professional distance. Explore the ProEthica Program

Custom State Programs

Create and manage customized state-level programs with ETS’s guidance and support. Explore our custom state program offerings


See where you can find us this year.


Learn about the helpful resources available to you when you use our programs.