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State and School District Requirements

Below are state- and school district-established qualifying scores. Test takers must meet or exceed this qualifying score to pass the ParaPro Assessment.

State/School District Qualifying Score
Alaska 459
Arizona 459
Arkansas 457
California, Aspire Public Schools 460
California, Bret Harte Union High School District 459
California, El Rancho Unified School District 458
California, Fillmore Unified School District 458
California, Haynes Family of Programs 445
California, Merced Union High School District 458
California, Oak Park Unified School District 458
California, Oakland Unified School District 460
California, South Bay Schools 460
California, The Help Group 458
California, Ventura County 458
Colorado 460
Connecticut 457
Delaware 459
District of Columbia 461
Florida, Brevard Public Schools – Adult and Community Education 464
Florida Consortium 464
Florida, Duval County Public School District 457
Florida, Hernando County School District 457
Florida, Manatee County School District 457
Florida, Martin County School Board 460
Florida, Pasco County Schools 457
Florida, Putnam County School District 460
Florida, St. Lucie District Schools 460
Florida, Taylor County School District 460
Hawaii 459
Idaho 460
Illinois 460
Indiana 460
Kansas 455
Louisiana 450
Maine 459
Maryland 455
Massachusetts 464
Michigan 460
Minnesota 460
Montana, Hamilton School District 462
Nebraska 456
Nevada 460
New Hampshire 460
New Jersey 456
New Mexico 457
North Dakota 464
Ohio 456
Oregon 455
Pennsylvania, Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3 462
Pennsylvania, Chester Upland School District 459
Pennsylvania, Hempfield Area School District 462
Pennsylvania, Mifflin County School District 460
Pennsylvania, Tuscarora School District 460
Pennsylvania, West Oak Lane Charter School 462
Rhode Island 461
South Carolina 456
South Dakota 461
Tennessee 456
Texas, Education Service Center – Region 19 467
Texas, Fort Worth Independent School District 461
Texas, Keller Independent School District 465
Texas, Lamar, CISD 465
Texas, Midland Independent School District 455
Texas, North East Independent School District 465
Texas, South San Antonio Independent School District 465
U.S. Virgin Islands 466
Utah 460
Vermont 458
Virginia 455
Washington 461
Wisconsin, Lakeland Union School District 460
Wisconsin, Neenah Joint School District 460
Wyoming 462


Official score reports arrive by mail approximately 2–3 weeks after the test date. A copy is also sent to the designated score recipient. It includes the background information and educational information the test taker registered with, and the pass/no pass information for the designated recipient.

Test Takers: Contact your school district to verify the qualifying score. ETS doesn't establish the passing score for any state or district; each state or district sets its own qualifying score.

State Administrators and School Districts: Official score reports are now available through the new score delivery method — ETS® Data Manager. Visit ETS® Client Services for Educator Licensure Account to create a new account.

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