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Understanding Your Scores

What Does My Score Report Include?

Your score report contains:

  • your name
  • your score(s)
  • pass/no pass score information for recipients you designate on your registration
  • background information
  • educational information
  • detailed content category performance (for current scores)

How Do I Determine Whether I Passed the Test?

Scores are listed in State and School District Requirements. There is also additional information in the booklet, Understanding Your Praxis® Scores, which is sent to you with your score report, and Praxis® Minimum/Passing Score Requirements.

How Do I Interpret Content Category Scores?

The test questions are grouped into content categories. This helps you identify content areas where further study can improve your score. Your score report shows your "raw points" (number of questions answered correctly) in each content category. It also shows the number of raw points available in each category and the range of points earned by the middle 50% of test takers.

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