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Test Center Procedures

Test takers' appointment times are provided to them by the test center. Test takers must arrive on time. If they arrive late, they may not be admitted to test.

To ensure fairness to all test takers, the following testing guidelines are in place. Please be mindful of these guidelines, as test takers can be dismissed from a test session and have their scores canceled by ETS if they:

  • attempt to take the test for someone else or have someone else take the test for them
  • fail to provide acceptable and valid identification with name, signature and photograph. If test takers preregister, the name as it appears on the ID they present must match the name they used when they registered.
  • obtain improper access to the test, a part of the test or information about the test
  • bring or use any phone or watch, wearable technology, or other electronic, photographic, scanning, listening or recording device in their possession at the test center. If test takers are seen with any such devices at the test center, they will be dismissed from the test, forfeit their test fees and their scores will be cancelled by ETS. If they are seen ACCESSING any such device for ANY reason, in addition to the above conditions, the device will be confiscated and inspected.
  • use any aids in connection with the test, such as mechanical pencils, scan pens or devices, calculators, watch calculators, books, pamphlets, notes, rulers, highlighter pens, stereos or radios with headphones, earplugs, watch alarms (including those with flashing lights or alarm sounds), stop watches, digital watches, dictionaries, translators, compasses, protractors, rulers and any prohibited devices
  • create a disturbance (Disruptive behavior in any form won't be tolerated; the test administrator/supervisor has sole discretion in determining what constitutes disruptive behavior.)
  • attempt to give or receive assistance or otherwise communicate in any manner with another person about the content of the test or answers during the administration of the test, during breaks or after the test
  • remove or attempt to remove test content from the test center (Under no circumstances may test content or any part of the test content be removed, reproduced and/or disclosed by any means [e.g., hard copy, verbally, electronically] to any person or entity.)
  • tamper with a computer
  • attempt to remove scratch paper from the testing room
  • bring a weapon or firearm into the test center
  • bring food, drink, electronic cigarettes, or tobacco into the testing room
  • leave the test center vicinity during the test session or during breaks
  • leave the testing room without permission
  • take excessive or extended unscheduled breaks during the test session (Test center supervisors are required to strictly monitor unscheduled breaks and report test takers who take excessive or extended breaks.)
  • refer to, look through or work on any test or test section when not authorized to do so or work after time has been called
  • fail to follow any of the test administration regulations contained in the ParaPro Assessment Information and Registration Bulletin, given by the test administrator/supervisor or specified in any test material

ETS reserves the right to take all action, including (but not limited to) barring test takers from future testing and/or canceling scores for failure to comply with test administration regulations or the test administrator/supervisor's directions. If a test taker's scores are canceled, they won't be reported and test fees won't be refunded.

Other than ID, personal items aren't allowed in the testing room. Storage space for test takers' personal items may not be available in all test centers, so they should plan accordingly. Test centers assume no responsibility for candidates' personal belongings.

Waiting areas at test centers are small. Friends or relatives who accompany test takers to the test center won't be permitted to wait in the test center or contact them during testing.

Licensing or certification agencies (if applicable) will be notified of any test takers involved in misconduct. Signature identification may be sent to agencies for verification. Also, test takers' answers may be compared to verify score validity. On the day of the test, ETS may photograph or videotape test takers as they check in or during the actual test. This procedure doesn't eliminate the requirement for appropriate identification documents.

ID verification at the test center may include thumb printing, photographing, videotaping or some other form of electronic biometric ID confirmation. If test takers refuse to participate, they will not be permitted to test and they will forfeit their registration and test fees. This is in addition to the requirement that they must present acceptable and valid identification.

Test takers may be asked to remove their watch and to store it during the test administration.

The test administrator will assign each test taker a seat.

On occasion, weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the test administrator's or ETS's control may require a delayed start or the rescheduling of the test. Test takers who anticipate inclement weather in their area on test day, should check their test center's website and/or local news and radio station broadcasts for updates. Test center cancellations will be posted at as received.