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Identification (ID) Requirements

Information for ALL Test Takers

Acceptable Primary ID

Acceptable Supplemental ID

Unacceptable Forms of ID

Unable to Meet ID Requirements

Information for ALL Test Takers

All test takers must read the identification (ID) information and requirements on this page.

  • You must have acceptable and valid ID with name, signature and photograph to be admitted to a test center. Preregistration is not required for the ParaPro Assessment except for test takers requesting accommodations. If you preregistered with accommodations, your first and last name and signature as shown on your ID must match the first and last name you registered under, even if your name has changed (for any reason, including marriage or divorce).
  • ID verification at registration, and/or check-in at the test center may include:

    • Biometric voice and photo identification
    • Fingerprinting/thumbprinting
    • Video surveillance
    • Signature comparison

    If you refuse to participate, you may not be permitted to test and you will forfeit your test fees. This is in addition to the requirement that you must present acceptable and valid identification.

  • All documents must be original and not expired. There is one exception regarding expired documentation. If your driver's license has expired, but you present it along with your original Department of Public Safety renewal certificate, these two documents together are acceptable provided the names on both documents match exactly. If a provisional driver's license is issued in lieu of a renewal certificate, this is acceptable as a primary ID document provided it contains your photo, signature and an expiration date.
  • If you are in the U.S. military and your driver’s license has an official extension sticker validating that your driver’s license has been extended, this can be used as supplemental ID along with your U.S. Military ID.
  • Photo IDs must be original, recognizable and not expired. (Exception to expired driver's license with renewal certificate, see above.)
  • Without required identification, the test center staff will not admit you, you will not be permitted to test, and will forfeit your test fees. If test center staff questions the ID you present, you may be required to provide supplemental ID. For this reason, we encourage you bring two forms of approved ID each time you report to a test center. If positive confirmation cannot be made, you may not be permitted to test or your test score may be withheld.
  • No copies will be accepted.

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At the Test Center

  • Misspellings can be corrected at check-in; name changes will not be made.
  • If your name has changed for any reason, including marriage, be sure that you bring updated ID that matches your name exactly as you enter it at the test center. Marriage certificates and divorce decrees will not be accepted to confirm name differences.
  • If the first name on your primary ID contains only a first initial, a supplemental ID will be required.
  • If your ID does not contain your signature, you must sign it or present a supplemental ID.
  • If the test center personnel questions the ID, you will be required to present additional proof of identity. If positive confirmation cannot be made, you may be refused admission to the test center and you will forfeit your test fees. You will have to reschedule your appointment and pay a new test fee to test (at a later date). (Test takers registering with accommodations must re-register.)
  • Test center personnel will check your photo identification before seat assignment and before and after testing breaks.
  • Test centers are not required to reserve your seat if you leave the center to obtain ID.
  • Cases of questionable identification are subject to review and approval by the ETS Office of Testing Integrity.

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Testing WITHIN Your Country of Citizenship

Only one form of primary ID is needed containing your name, photograph and a signature.

Acceptable primary ID documents include:

  • passport
  • passport card (United States only — must be accompanied by valid supplemental ID)
  • valid government-issued driver's license with name, photograph and signature
  • state or province ID issued by a motor vehicle agency with name, photograph and signature
  • national ID with name, photograph and signature
  • military ID with name, photograph and signature

Supplemental ID may be required if the test center administrator has concerns about the primary ID. If your primary ID does not contain your signature, sign the document or present a valid acceptable supplemental ID document.

See Acceptable Supplemental Identification Documents below.

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Testing OUTSIDE Your Country of Citizenship

  • You must present a valid passport as your primary ID document. If you do not meet this requirement, you may not be admitted to test.
  • If your passport is not written in English, you must present an English-language supplemental ID with a clear, recent photo.
  • If your passport does not contain your signature, either sign your passport or present a supplemental ID.
  • U.S. military personnel may present their U.S. military ID cards for admission to test centers. If a military ID does not contain a signature, a supplemental ID is required.
  • Diplomatic and embassy ID cards will not be accepted as primary ID in place of a passport.

The following documents may be acceptable for admission to U.S. test centers if presented along with an acceptable supplemental ID. If you are in the process of renewing the document and have the expired document in your possession, you may present it together with the government-issued renewal extension letter.

  • Permanent Resident Card/Resident Alien Card
  • Temporary Resident Card
  • Employment Authorization Card
  • Mexican Border Crosser Card (accepted at test centers within 25 miles of the Mexican border)

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If your primary ID is missing your photo or signature, or is otherwise questionable or unacceptable, you must present a valid, current supplemental ID in addition to your primary ID. The supplemental ID must contain your name, a clear, recent photo and your signature. Supplemental ID documents may not be used to resolve last name discrepancies. The last name on your primary ID must match the name on your admission ticket. If your supplemental ID does not contain a signature, you may present a second government-issued photo ID. If you cannot present two forms of government-issued, photo-bearing identification in the same name of the registrant, you will not be permitted to take the test.

Acceptable supplemental ID documents include:

  • government-issued ID, including, but not limited to:
    • passport
    • driver's license
    • state/province ID card
    • national ID
    • military ID
  • student ID
  • confirmation letter of identity from your educational institution: The letter must be typed on school letterhead with the name and signature of the school official. The school seal must overlap your photo and not be older than 1 year from testing date. It must also include:
    • name
    • date of birth
    • recent, clear photo
    • your signature
    • date of issue

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  • any expired ID
  • any document that does not correctly bear your first and last names exactly as they appeared when registering for the test
  • any ID document presented at the center on a cell phone or any other electronic device
  • international driver's license
  • draft classification card
  • international student ID
  • credit/debit card of any kind
  • notary-prepared letter or document
  • Social Security card
  • employee ID card
  • birth certificate
  • temporary ID card, excluding driver's license, resident card, employment authorization card renewals
  • photocopied document

For general questions about acceptable ID, call:
1-800-205-2626 (United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada)
1-609-771-7393 (all other locations)

It is your responsibility to ensure that your ID documents are up-to-date and available on the day of the test.

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If you have been granted political asylum, have refugee status or are otherwise unable to meet the identification requirements, you must contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI) at least seven days before you intend to test. You must receive approval from OTI before you may schedule your testing appointment. You should also be prepared to submit any requested documents to OTI for review prior to receiving approval. If you do not contact OTI before you schedule your testing appointment (or before you request testing accommodations), and as a result you are not permitted to test or your test scores are withheld, your test fees will not be refunded.

ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI)

7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. ET