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ETS® Major Field Tests Testimonials and News

Trusted by educators and institutions for over 20 years, more than 150 colleges, 3,000 programs and hundreds of thousands of students have benefitted from the industry-leading insights delivered by the ETS® Major Field Tests.


Read the testimonials below to learn how Major Field Test users have been empowered for program success.

  • The Major Field Tests in Action: Baker College
    The College of Business at Baker College selected the Major Field Tests based on the reputation, reliability and validity of the nationally normed assessment tool, as well as the recommendations of organizations like AACSB, ACBSP and IACBE.

  • The Major Field Tests in Action: Central Christian College of Kansas
    The Business Department at the Central Christian College of Kansas uses the Major Field Test for Business to illustrate the rigor of their program and the academic prowess of their students. The data from the nationally normed assessment tool empowers faculty to inform and track curricular oversight and make ongoing improvements.

  • The Major Field Tests in Action: Franklin College
    The Business Department at Franklin College uses the Major Field Test for Business as the principal means of external assessment and continuously makes program adjustments based on insights gained from the assessment. The Major Field Test for Business has become part of the department’s culture and has been found to encourage students to retain and integrate what they learn in their business classes over time.

  • The Major Field Tests in Action: Western Kentucky University
    Western Kentucky University is using the Major Field Tests to help the Gordon Ford College of Business demonstrate the effectiveness of its MBA program. Likewise, data from the Major Field Tests helps the MBA program with the complex and ongoing process of defining expected learning outcomes and curriculum content development that ensures a continuous offering of courses that are relevant to the demands of prospective employers.

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