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ETS® Major Field Tests Procedures

The procedures you need to know to administer the ETS® Major Field Tests are housed in Program Workshop, your administrator portal, in the Help Folder and the Remote Proctoring Resources Folder.

Help Folder

When you are ready to set up your administration, additional guides and videos are available in the Help Folder. These tutorials will walk you through Program Workshop, setting up an online administration, preparing for test day and how to view your reports when testing is complete.

  • The ETS® Major Field Tests Administration Manual is the main source of information for test administrators about setting up and administering the ETS Major Field Tests.
  • The ETS Major Field Tests Proctor Script (Online) is for online testing.
  • The ETS Major Field Tests Proctor Script (Paper/Pencil) is for paper/pencil testing.
  • The ETS Major Field Tests Instructions for Paper/Pencil Returns is for returning test materials to ETS.

Note: The Processing Request Form must include one Processing Request Form (PRF) for each department (subject test) for which you are returning answer sheets to ETS for scoring.

Remote Proctoring Resources Folder

In this folder, you will find resources that will help with your decision in selecting the remote proctoring option that is best for you, information in support of remote proctoring, and tip sheets for institutions and test takers.

The Administration Options document contains the following information to consider when evaluating your remote proctoring needs:

  • If you are considering using ETS's Integrated Solution with ProctorU®, the Resources for Institution Administrators provides step-by-step instructions for conducting online test administration with ProctorU.
  • If you prefer to proctor your own administrations, the Resources for Remote Proctoring at the Institution provides step-by-step instructions for conducting online test administrations with Institution as the Proctor.
  • Whichever option you choose, the Resources to Share with Test Takers provides step-by-step instructions to provide to students.

For more information about how the ETS Major Field Tests can help your institution, contact an ETS Advisor.

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