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Comparative Data Reports

Comparative data allows institutions to evaluate their program’s performance on the ETS® Major Field Tests relative to the larger group of test takers at other institutions. The data is updated annually at the end of the academic year. For the Major Field Tests, the comparative data for each test is based on the scores of all senior-level students who took the most recent form of a test and who are from institutions where at least five students were tested. The data is comparative rather than normative, since the sample of institutions and students does not represent all possible types of institutions and departmental curricula. This means that your scores are interpretable with reference to other institutions that selected to use the Major Field Tests and are not reflective of where you stand against all students at all institutions in the U.S.

Access Comparative data by logging into your Program Workshop account and going to the Reports folder in the left navigation pane. Select "Annual Comparative Data Guide" and then choose the year, subject and form for the report you would like to run. For additional details please reference the HOME page inside Program workshop.

To achieve a more specific reference group for your institution’s analyses, you may consider subscribing to the Custom Comparative Data Report. For more information about customized comparative data, go to the Reports section.

For more information about how the Major Field Tests can help your program, contact an ETS Advisor.

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